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Author: Marcus Wicker
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 1328715582
Pages: 96
Year: 2017-09-05
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“Tough talk for tough times. Silencer is both lyrical and merciless–Wicker’s mind hums in overdrive, but with the calm and clarity of a marksman. You have to read these poems.” —Tim Seibles, author of One Turn Around the Sun and finalist for the National Book Award A suburban park, church, a good job, a cocktail party for the literati: to many, these sound like safe places, but for a young black man these insular spaces don’t keep out the news—and the actual threat—of gun violence and police brutality, or the biases that keeps body, property, and hope in the crosshairs. Continuing conversations begun by Citizen and Between the World and Me, Silencer sings out the dangers of unspoken taboos present on quiet Midwestern cul-de-sacs and in stifling professional settings, the dangers in closing the window on “a rainbow coalition of cops doing calisthenics around/a six-foot, three-hundred-fifty-pound man, choked back into the earth for what/looked a lot, to me, like sport.” Here, the language and cadences of hip-hop and academia meet prayer—these poems are crucibles, from which emerge profound allegories and subtle elegies, sharp humor and incisive critiques. “There is not a moment in this book when you are allowed to forget the complexities of a black man's life in America. These poems evoke so much—strength, beauty, passion, fear. There is the quiet, ironic pleasure of life on a cul-de-sac juxtaposed with the tensions of always wondering when a police officer's gun or fists might get in the way of the black body. The stylistic range of these poems, the wit, and the intelligence of them offers so much to be admired. There is nothing silent about Silencer. What an outstanding second book from Marcus Wicker.” —Roxane Gay “Marcus Wicker’s masterful and hard-hitting second collection Silencer is exactly the book we need in this time of malfeasance, systemic violence, and the double talk that obfuscates it all. Wicker’s poems have the wit and rhythmic muscle to push back against the institutional flim-flam. He writes the kinds of vital, clear-eyed poems we can turn to when codeswitching slogans and online power fists no longer get the job done. These are poems whose ink is made from anger and quarter notes. They remind us that to remain silent in the face of aggression is to be complicit and to be complicit is not an option for any of us.” —Adrian Matejka, author of The Big Smoke and finalist for the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize “Silencer is an important book of American poetry: wonderfully subtle, wholly original, and subversive. Politics and social realities aside, this is foremost a book that delights in language, how it sounds to the ear and plays to the mind. We have suburban complacency played against hip-hop resistance, Christian prayers uttered in the face of dread violence, real meaning pitted against materialism, and love, in its largest measure, set against ignorance. To say Silencer is a tour de force would be an understatement. What a work of true art this is, and what a gift Marcus Wicker has given to us.” —Maurice Manning, author of One Man’s Dark and finalist for the Pulitzer Prize "Silencer disarms and dazzles with its wisdom and full-throated wit. Wicker’s highly-anticipated second collection snaps to attention with a soundtrack full of salty swagger and a most skillful use of formal inventions that’ll surely knock you out. Here in these pages, sailfish and hummingbirds assert their frenetic movements on a planet simmering with racial tensions, which in turn forms its own kind of bopping and buoyant religion. What a thrill to read these poems that provoke and beg for beauty and song-calling into the darkest of nights." —Aimee Nezhukumatathil, author of Lucky Fish and poetry editor at Orion Magazine “With Silencer, Marcus Wicker writes a country, and that country is this country, these United States, right now, and that country is also black. In poem after poem, and with one of the best ears in the game, Wicker demonstrates the simple and difficult truth that we, as Americans, make each other, inescapably—Wicker’s America is a black America because it is America. But Silencer isn’t, for all that, a place of congratulatory hugs and campfire songs. How could it be? It is a place where we are seen: ‘Black squirrels, / they fit in, get along. Know no one. / They see other black squirrels & run.’” —Shane McCrae, author of In the Language of My Captor and The Animal Too Big to Kill
Author: James W. Hall
Publisher: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 1429976942
Pages: 288
Year: 2010-01-19
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A father's murder and a son's ruthless betrayal are at the heart of the new novel by "master of suspense" (Publishers Weekly) James W. Hall Earl Hammond, the wealthy patriarch of a family of ranchers, lies dead, shot just as he was to donate his Coquina Ranch to the state to preserve it from developers. Spearheading the plan to save this environmental treasure was Thorn, a reluctant heir to a secret family fortune, who now finds himself in terrible danger as well. A pair of deviant brothers, both contract killers, kidnaps him and drags him to a game preserve, surrounded by herds of exotic and very dangerous animals. He is entrapped in a sinkhole—a geological dungeon from which there is no escape. But Frisco Hammond, the dark sheep of the family, is drawn into the investigation of his father's murder and Thorn's disappearance. He suspects the crimes are related. Helping him is his brother's beautiful, troubled wife, Clare. They uncover a trail that leads back to the 1930's, to a cabal of powerful and rich men with a sinister plan. Silencer pits brother against brother and wife against husband in a thriller that proves once again that James Hall is "the king of the Florida-gothic noir" (Dennis Lehane).
Author: Campbell Armstrong
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1504004191
Pages: 407
Year: 2015-04-21
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When the US Federal Witness Protection Program fails to protect a star witness, a tough female former prosecutor risks her life to get answers in international bestselling author Campbell Armstrong’s high-stakes thriller Reuben Galindez’s testimony helped put away brutal arms smuggler Ángel Sanchez, and he thought the trial would be the last time he’d ever have to deal with Sanchez again. Of course Sanchez’s organization was looking for him, but Galindez wasn’t alone; he had the US government, the FBI, and the Witness Protection Program to keep him safe. When Galindez’s body is found floating face-down in the river, riddled with bullets, former state prosecutor Amanda Scholes, who believed she’d put Sanchez in jail forever, is determined to find out what went wrong. Did the witness reveal his identity and leave the program? Did someone from inside Sanchez’s organization track down Galindez? Or is his death the result of something far more insidious? Has someone managed to infiltrate the fortresslike security surrounding the program in order to exact revenge?
Author: Andy McNab
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0593065247
Pages: 429
Year: 2013
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The new Nick Stone thriller is classic McNab - authentic, pulse-pounding and utterly compelling Nick Stone has always kept his job as ex-SAS trouble shooter at armsâe(tm) length from his home life. But when his son falls dangerously ill and the doctor who saves him comes under threat from an old adversary, it is no longer possible. Life just got very personal. To stop his cover being terminally blown, he must follow a trail that begins in Triad-controlled Hong Kong. He is propelled back into the brutal world he thought he'd left behind. The forces ranged against him have guns, helicopters, private armies and a terrified population in their vice-like grip. Nick Stone has two decades of operational skills âe" but this time, that may not be enoughâe¦ 'Authentic to the core' Daily Express
Home Workshop Silencers
Author: Joe Ramos
Publisher: Paladin Press
ISBN: 0873641930
Pages: 72
Year: 1980-06-01
View: 312
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More than fifty 9" x 12" working machinist's drawings present clear step-by-step directions for building three different advanced firearm silencers for submachine guns and pistols. Improvised materials and machining techniques are suggested. For reference and historical purposes only.
The Silencer
Author: Muthena Paul Alkazraji
Pages: 278
Year: 2012
View: 321
Read: 1196
Fictional work set in post-communist Albania where everyone has a mobile and power cuts are frequent.
The Code Silencer: Silence the Code
Author: Edwin Rivera
Publisher: America Star Books
ISBN: 1682901335
Pages: 166
Year: 2016-02-04
View: 520
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Read how this futuristic bounty hunter encounters his vengeance, his missions, and his work with a past that can only make him strong and powerful for what the future of his time leads him into. As he goes through different levels of personalities to accomplish a mission to save humanity from a one-world-order evil government, read how he unites all bounty hunters to go out and assist him to save humanity by destroying the one-world-order evil government.
Author: David Bishop
Publisher: 2000 AD Books
ISBN: 1849979693
Pages: 246
Year: 2015-08-12
View: 599
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Sector 66 is on the verge of civil war. The Ape Gangs aren't going to give up their position as crime overlords easily - and they've got a weapon of mass destruction to prove it. The mysterious She-Devils, meanwhile, have Justice Department weaponry to back up their claim. When citizens begin to go missing and Sector Chief Kozwall is found horribly murdered, fear and paranoia reach fever pitch. Sector 66 needs the iron hand of the Law - and who better to provide it than Judge Dredd? But once Dredd's investigations are under way, he finds gang warfare is the least of his worries. Something nightmarish is stalking the pedways of Sector 66, and there's a traitor at Justice Central. Somehow, it all ties in with the mysterious experiements known as the Prometheus Project.
The Silencer
Author: Mike Ryan
Publisher: Ryan Publishing
Pages: 220
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CQB, Assault Rifle and Sniper Technology
Author: Peter G. Kokalis, N.R. Parker, Alan C. Paulson
Publisher: Paladin Press
ISBN: 1581603231
Pages: 448
Year: 2002-05-01
View: 281
Read: 951
This highly anticipated second volume in the Silencer History and Performance series provides an unprecedented look into the evolution, tactical employment and performance of historic and state-of-the-art silenced firearms suitable for close-quarters combat, long-distance sniping and other professional applications. It chronicles the production of pioneering silenced weapons used during World War II and the Cold War as well as the more sophisticated low-signature designs and tactics that emerged from the Vietnam War and again during an explosion of creative development in the 1990s. The authors have combined recently declassified materials, numerous confidential sources and years of hands-on evaluations to reveal a wealth of information about today's incredible screw-on and integral suppressors.
Silencers for Hand Firearms
Author: Siegfried F. Hübner
ISBN: 0873640551
Pages: 97
Year: 1976
View: 578
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One of the world's foremost experts, Siegfried Huebner has published numerous books and articles in his native Germany, and he has drawn from extensive research at the Mauser works, Heckler & Koch and the German army proving ground to bring to you this, his first English-language text on silencers. This complete and authoritative guide includes chapters on the principles of silencers, WWII silencers, clandestine weapons and more.
Author: Patrick Birrer
Pages: 258
Year: 2004
View: 251
Read: 1000
This thesis presents Silencer!, a fully automated, schematic-driven tool for substrate noise coupling simulation and analysis. It has been integrated in the CADENCE DFII environment and seamlessly enables substrate coupling analysis in a standard mixed-signal design flow. Silencer! aids IC designers in the analysis of substrate noise coupling at different levels of hierarchy - from a level where only an approximate layout of the transistors is known to a level that incorporates various parasitic elements. It can be used for layout optimization to reduce substrate cross-talk noise between circuitry that injects noise into the substrate and other circuitry that is sensitive to it. Examples in a TSMC 0.35[mu]m heavily doped process have been simulated and the results are in good agreement with measured fabricated chips.
Author: Federico Garavelli
ISBN: 130018261X
View: 1052
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The silencer
Author: Simon Louvish
Publisher: Interlink Pub Group Inc
Pages: 254
Year: 1993-10-01
View: 869
Read: 355
This series is designed to bring to North American readers the once-unheard voices of writers who have achieved wide acclaim at home, but are not recognized beyond the borders of their native lands. With special emphasis on women writers, Interlink's Emerging Voices series publishes the best of the world's contemporary literature in translation or original English.
How to Build Military Grade Suppressors
Author: Keith Anderson
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1548957283
Pages: 80
Year: 2017-07-17
View: 1126
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How to Build Military Grade Suppressors By Keith Anderson