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Dragon Ball full color. La saga del giovane Goku
Author: Akira Toriyama
Publisher: Dragon Ball full color. La saga del giovane Goku
ISBN: 8822609379
Pages: 256
Year: 2018
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Read: 1182

Dragon Ball Full Color
Author: Akira Toriyama
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
ISBN: 1421565927
Pages: 248
Year: 2014-02-04
View: 348
Read: 533
Son Goku is the greatest hero on Earth. Five years after defeating the demon king Piccolo, he's grown up and had a family--he's married, and he has a child, Son Gohan. But what is the real reason for Goku's incredible strength? A visitor from outer space arrives bearing terrible news--Goku is an alien, and the visitor, Raditz, is Goku's brother! When Raditz turns out to be a ruthless killer, Goku must fight his incredibly strong brother to save his family and the entire human race. A surprising alliance may be Earth's last hope: Goku will team up with his old enemy Piccolo—archenemies united to save the world!" Reads R to L (Japanese Style) for teen audiences.
Dragon Ball 1
Author: Akira Toriyama
Publisher: Paw Prints
ISBN: 1442063971
Pages: 560
Year: 2009-06-29
View: 513
Read: 193
Son Goku, a young boy with a monkey's tail, and Bulma, a teenaged genius, search for the legendary seven Dragon Balls, relics that have the power to summon a wish-granting dragon when gathered together.
Dragon Ball Full Color Freeza Arc
Author: Akira Toriyama
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
ISBN: 1421593548
Pages: 244
Year: 2016-11-01
View: 453
Read: 1250
Captain Ginyu has exchanged bodies with Goku, and Gohan and Kuririn must use the seven Dragon Balls of Namek to summon the mighty Dragon Lord, who can grant any three wishes. But if they do summon the Dragon Lord, can they prevent Vegeta and Freeza from wishing for immortality for themselves? -- VIZ Media
Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 3
Author: Akira Toriyama
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
ISBN: 1974704696
Pages: 207
Year: 2018-07-03
View: 972
Read: 910
With the Universe 6 and 7 Invitational Fighting Tournament over, Goku and his friends return to their normal lives. That is, until Future Trunks suddenly appears to warn everyone of a new threat—Goku Black, a mysterious warrior who looks like Goku, but isn’t him! He’s a monster who has wiped out most of Earth and all of the Gods of Destruction and Lords of Lords from all twelve universes. Who is this mysterious man, and will Goku and his friends be able to stop him?! -- VIZ Media
Author: Marb
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1976265053
Pages: 272
Year: 2017-09-09
View: 1103
Read: 548
In 1996, Following the success and popularity of the "Dragon Ball Z" anime series, Toei Animation decided to extend the franchise beyond the original manga. The new anime series was titled "Dragon Ball GT," with "GT" being short for "Grand Touring" or "Galaxy Touring." In 1997, The Chinese "Xinjiang Youth Publishing House" made a 20-volume fanmanga series of "Dragon Ball GT"'s "Dark Dragon Ball" and "Baby" arcs. For this restored edition, every page has been cleaned by hand and translated to English. Age 789: Five years have passed since the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai, and all is peaceful around the world as Goku and Oob finish their training in Kami-sama's palace. However, this peace soon ends as Pilaf makes a terrifying wish, transforming Goku into a child. The rush is on to retrieve all seven Ultimate Dragon Balls from around the Universe before the Earth and its inhabitants are destroyed... This book contains volumes 1 and 2 of the original "DBGT" doujinshi, for a total of 272 pages. THIS IS A DOUJINSHI (FAN MANGA). Based on the characters and story by Akira Toriyama. Please support the official series. "Dragon Ball," "Dragon Ball Z," "Dragon Ball Super," "Dragon Ball GT," "Dragon Ball Kai" and all other logos, character names, and distinctive likeness thereof are trademarks of Akira Toriyama, TOEI ANIMATION, BIRD STUDIO, SHUEISHA, FUNIMATION, VIZ MEDIA, GROUPE AB, GLENAT, NAMCO BANDAI, ATARI and other respective license holders unmentioned. This book was not prepared, licensed or endorsed by any entity involved in creating or producing the "Dragon Ball" series. It is an independent, unofficial work made by fans, for fans, that has no connection to the official license.
Dragon Ball Super
Author: Akira Toriyama
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
ISBN: 1421596474
Pages: 216
Year: 2017-12-05
View: 617
Read: 1220
Goku’s adventure from the best-selling classic manga Dragon Ball continues in this new series written by Akira Toriyama himself! Ever since Goku became Earth’s greatest hero and gathered the seven Dragon Balls to defeat the evil Boo, his life on Earth has grown a little dull. But new threats loom overhead, and Goku and his friends will have to defend the planet once again in this continuation of Akira Toriyama’s best-selling series, Dragon Ball! The Universe 6 and 7 Invitational Fighting Tournament continues. Goku faces off against a guy who looks exactly like Freeza. Heck, the guy even has the same transformations and powers as Freeza! Will Goku and the warriors from Universe 7 be able to pull through and win the tournament and its prize—the Super Dragon Balls?!
Dragon Ball, Vol. 2
Author: Akira Toriyama
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
ISBN: 1421545764
Pages: 195
Year: 2011-06-07
View: 667
Read: 1136
With the (reluctant) help of the shapeshifting pig Oolong, Goku and Bulma have found almost all the Dragon Balls they need to get their wish! To get the sixth Dragon Ball, the fearsome Ox King sends Goku on a mission: to find Kame-Sen'nin, the Turtle Hermit, whose mighty powers can put out the raging fires of Fry-Pan Mountain! But the sleazy old martial artist might just make it more trouble than it's worth! Then, with the bandits Yamcha and Pu'ar on their trail, our heroes continue their quest for the seventh and final Dragon Ball. But can they get it from little Emperor Pilaf, who wants to use his wish to rule the world?!! -- VIZ Media
Green Valley
Author: Max Landis
Publisher: Image Comics
ISBN: 1534307249
Pages: 216
Year: 2017-10-25
View: 804
Read: 545
The knights of Kelodia are the finest in the land, but they've never faced a POWER like the one that resides in the Green Valley. Now they're about to embark on the adventure of a lifetimeÑto stop a wizard and slay his dragons but there's no such thing as magic or dragons is there? Eisner-nominated writer MAX LANDIS (Chronicle, Superman: American Alien), artist GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI (Amazing Spider-Man) and Eisner-nominated colorist JEAN FRANCOIS BEAULIEU welcome you to the world of GREEN VALLEY where nothing is ever what it seems. Collects GREEN VALLEY #1-9
Jaco the Galactic Patrolman
Author: Akira Toriyama
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
ISBN: 1421581914
Pages: 247
Year: 2015-01-06
View: 644
Read: 650
Manga legend and creator of Dragon Ball Z, Akira Toriyama, is back with the quirky comedy Jaco the Galactic Patrolman! Retired scientist Omori lives alone on a deserted island while continuing his research into time travel. His quiet life is interrupted when galactic patrolman Jaco crash-lands and decides to move in with him. This agent from space claims to be elite, but sometimes it can be a little hard to believe. Can Jaco get along with the old man long enough to save the earth from a dangerous threat? -- VIZ Media
Low #3
Author: Rick Remender
Publisher: Image Comics
Pages: 32
Year: 2014-09-24
View: 833
Read: 336
In an effort to save mankind, Stel Caine embarks to do what hasn't been done in millennia: walk on the Earth's surface. But before she can rise from the depths of the ocean, she must first help her son rise from the suffocating darkness in which he wallows.
Uzumaki Naruto: Illustrations
Author: Masashi Kishimoto
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
ISBN: 1421584395
Pages: 104
Year: 2015-11-03
View: 320
Read: 393
The third full-color artbook from the hit series Naruto! Experience Masashi Kishimoto's artwork in all of its colorful glory in this collection of images from the conclusion of the best-selling Naruto manga! Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi and all your favorite characters appear in nearly a hundred pages of gorgeous full-color images. The book also features commentary from creator Masashi Kishimoto, a beautiful double-sided poster and a sticker sheet!
Devilman: The Classic Collection
Author: Go Nagai
Publisher: Seven Seas
ISBN: 162692757X
Pages: 680
Year: 2018-05-22
View: 592
Read: 1196
Go Nagai’s groundbreaking horror classic that inspired the genre for decades. Hordes of demons, once thought entombed forever in the underworld, have now returned to Earth. Evil and corruption begin to seep into our world, as demons seize human hosts. Mankind’s only hope for salvation is to use the demons’ power against them–and only a pure-hearted man like Fudo Akira can do so without losing his humanity. Once little more than a crybaby, Akira now wields the terrible power of a devil, yet holds the innocent soul of a man–Devilman!
My Hero Academia: Vigilantes
Author: Hideyuki Furuhashi
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
ISBN: 1974703398
Pages: 207
Year: 2018-05-22
View: 1049
Read: 1229
Koichi Haimawari couldn’t make the cut to become an official hero, so he uses his modest Quirk to do good deeds in his spare time. Then one day a fateful encounter with some local thugs leads him to team up with two other unlikely heroes. None of them really know what they’re doing, but they’ve got the courage—or foolishness—to try. But they soon discover fighting evil takes more than just being brave... -- VIZ Media
Cynical Orange
Author: JiUn Yun
Publisher: Yen Press
ISBN: 0759528799
Pages: 192
Year: 2009-01-06
View: 850
Read: 907
Despite their constant bickering, even cynical Hye-Min cannot deny that her relationship with Ma-Ha has become a deep bond of mutual trust and understanding. As a symbolic acknowledgement of their budding love, Ma-Ha presents her with a couple's ring on their 100-day anniversary. But as Hye-Min and Ma-Ha grow closer, it becomes more difficult for Shin-Bi to hide his true feelings, and So-Ryu's patience for his divided heart has reached its limit...